Ok. So this is probably one of the few applications for characters. Now, there are a few reasons I want to be the Tree of Death, so hear me out.


  1. For one, he is the main evil within this RP, something of which I feel I can do well, and probably am itching to do, seeing as my character isn't all that evil to begin with.
  2. My second reason for this is that I feel I can add a few characteristics to him, such as being very persuasive, tricky, being of good heart (fake), etc. This at the same time, is gonna provide many possibilites to show betrayal towards characters, and show an even greater evil side, of which many main villains in stories that do so succeed in. This is a great way to make a good villain, as you are capable of making a character hate him even more for more personal reasons, as well as deep down like him because of that.
  3. Since he hasn't usually battled, it would be great just to be an observer of the sorts. This will allow him to intervene with other characters, and exploit them for his own personal goals.
  4. Probably a good idea to make him feel more insane and sadistic deep down, but covers this with a more calm exterior.
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