this is how she looks

Jigoku's storyEdit

Jigoku, Twin of Mijenma Jenz Gernoid, is the roumored by many faiths and religions, or in just plain life, is "Satan" or "Lucifer". With her twin being "God" Jigoku tries not to create much trouble for her twin. These two are very close despite thier major differences. Jigoku has long white hair with box cut bang and neon blue eyes. She is a shorty her head only reaching the 5 feet 3 inches mark. She is dark when needed and dosent share her past for she hates it. She perfers the name "Jiko" over her full first name. She has tribal lik tattoos on her arms that stop just below her jaw line and end ontop of her hands ther also go over her back.

Jigoku's powersEdit

Jigoku has a very special set of powers

Bio-terrorist or a conduit *video on the top of the page is what these powers are*

she can controll all elements

she has hell flames

she is able to make weapons materialize out of nothing.

her powers levels are the highest around

she is also half droid

Her Clothes/AppearenceEdit

She mainly wears what is depicted in the picture above. this is her sword it was given to he by her creator. Also on theside ou will see her gauntlet which she "found"

Her appearece is a bit different. she has snow white fox ears and 9 snow white fox tails. She is very similar to her twin who has blonde ears and tails.

Jigoku's PersonalityEdit

Jigoku is mostly emotionless due to her being almost 100 percent robot. She is pretty cold toward people whom she first is acuainted with. She does warm up eventually. She relies mostly on her self for everything she needs, she has nevered even relied on her twin (something of which her twin hates). Jigoku is strong willed and is very protective over her close friends. She is the type of person who demands to pay you back if you hellp her out in anyway, even if she hated your very existance.

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