Name: Isamu Watanabe.

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6 ft 6

Homeland: Japan, Earth


How he looks like

Race: Half Oni, Half Human

Eye Color: Dark Green, colors invert

when using powers.

Hair Color: Black

Theme: Stand Up Be Strong (Bleach OST)

Faction: N/A

Background: Created when a young man fell in love with an Oni princess, and had a baby boy with her. Later the man was forced to leave her, the princess had to die, and the child was left in the forests to die. Luckily a Farmer found it, in the countryside and raised the boy himself. For it was foretold when a Oni begat a human's child, the new ruler of Jigoku (Hell) Would be him, and the ruler, Alaric, did not want any rivals to his throne as Demon King. Isamu, after graduating from Tokyo U, visited an ancient Kendo school, where one day the ghost of Masamune appeared to him, and taught him Kendo. He bestowed upon him a wakizashi, made from his hands. Masamune created it to release Isamu's hidden powers, and it did just that. After, that Wakizashi became Isamu's signature tool. Masamune predicted that Isamu would win back his good name, and bring peace to the lands, much like his father. During a trip in the forest a portal takes him to Ubiquity City, and here is where it all begins...


Sannin-no-ken (Wazikashi): Named after Masamune, meaning Sword of the Sage (since Masamune was one) It is very sturdy and can block powerful hits, it also has immense cutting power. It is indestructible and will burn the hand of a unworthy user.


Belt with Sheath: Able to be attached to pants. For holding sword and pants.


Kenjutsu Master, Hakuda Master, invulnerability to illusion and magic, tough skin, Sixth sense, tactical genius, perceptive battler

Oni: x20 the above, ability to slow time and cast powerful illusions that feel real.


Wears corduroy jeans and a leather jacket, over a tshirt. Lean and Muscular

When in his Oni form his eye color changes, and his skin becomes noticeably darker, a chain of lines cover his body, his canines are sharper.


The Lines that Form

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