Character creation.Edit

This is the character creation page please base your character off of this guidline. So please do your best to make a character and have fun.

Also please add on your profile page, that would be great.

Example Character.Edit

Name: Example.

Age: 01.

Gender: Unknown.

Height: 6.2

Weight: 200 Pounds.

Race: Human.

Eye Colour: Red.

Hair colour: Black.

Theme: I got soul.

Faction: Own.


He/She was made up, just to show people how to make a character now he/she is going to take over the world, made by the hands of Autumn, he/she vows to get is revenge. And he/she is going to make her pay for his eternal suffering.


He/She has fourty dollars on him/herself at all times. A knife the size of a tooth pick, and a fourty cal sniper rifle. 


He/She can use non-magic healing, also known as a doctor.


He/She has a turtle neck, two eyes, and always is wearing jeans.


He/She masturbates a lot (( This was a joke XD ))

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