An Angel.

Angels are the citizens of Heaven, the creations of God himself, who are beings of pure holiness and  benevolence. They have many abilties, including (but by no means limited to): Vitakinesis, Solarkinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and more. Angels are at the command of Archangels, who organize them into squadrons. 


Archangels are the most powerful form of angel, with powers similar to the Angels, but enhanced greatly. Many Archangels carry a sword that can, at will, explode into flames to smite foes. Most (but not all) Archangels are at the command of a squadron of Angels. 

An Archangel.


When an Angel and a Human get "married" in the Angelic method, the human is transformed into a being known as a Half-Angel. The Half-Angel gains an Angelic Form, and some powers involving  Vitakinesis or self-regeneration.

Fallen AngelsEdit

Angels who have strayed from the path of Light and have been cast down from heaven. This often makes them very resentful and angry, many of them becoming full-fledged demonic entities within a few centuries of being cast from heaven. 

A Fallen Angel.


A Half Angel.

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