The Amaterasu Clan is a clan born with the blood of "The Tree of Life" and the blood of "The Tree of Death". There are only five known in existance and one has been lost for more than a millennium, and they say when the time is right, that Amaterasu Clan member will show itself. As the Clan member shows itself, war will outbreak.

The Prophecy.Edit

This is the prophecy of the war, it states

"When the fire burns, the wolf will appear marking itself in the dirt, her red lines draw the declaration of the "War", marking a eternal battle, between forces, and only the Amaterasu and it's force may stop this war, re-sealing the eternal peace between realms."

Prophecy of the great heroes.Edit

The Clan Member.Edit

This member looks like a wolf with red lines, fabled by the Elemental Council, they are wanting to find this being so the war will not break out. After the wolf form, a beautiful man, or female, and then will be marked, a red symbol on his/her neck. They say "It needs to burn, to be set free".

The Clan's abilities.Edit

The abilities are having all control over fire, all fires. They can doubt any kind of flame, and one of the most important flames, the soul flame, or the flame of will. This fire is needed to keep someone going, to keep fighting and not give up. The Amaterasu Clan have godly power, born from the loins of the two most powerful beings.

The Amaterasu World.Edit

This world is created espically for the Amaterasu clan members, this world is the space they can have, privacy and nothing can see what they are doing this world not even gods can see what they are doing.

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